ssQuality Policy
1. Every customer is unique, every event is special

Up to concentrate on customer needs, to meet individual expectations. There is no such thing as routine for us, we are not interested in second place, we are not interested in compromise, deciding to cooperate with us you will always be a winner. There's no second.

2. Quality is never coming from coincidence
We invest in the highest global standards to ensure the highest quality of food. We care about ecology and safety of workers with emphasis on energy, waste, water, transport and pollution management. We conduct rigorous quality control of food. All our suppliers are subject to detailed verification. We have quality and safety HACCP certificate audited for three years by the British company ISOQAR.

3. Always a step ahead
"Differentiate or Die". We always remember that the catering service is also an important element of building image of our clients. We follow the latest trends, look for unconventional solutions, invest in modern equipment, train workers abroad, take part in catering competitions. All this to long remembered by us.

4. Performance and Optimization
We try our best to understand your expectations, then we look for solutions - also unusual, to optimize the offer from both the financial side and the anticipated effect. We always look for best value to money relation. We try to plan in detail all the activities in the area of finance, human resources and their equipment to maximize productivity. As a consequence - the satisfaction of our customers and business partners appears.

5. Large can achievemore
Up to 1,000 meals per hour? Sat down party for 2000 people? Or maybe a picnic for 4000? Three parallel events in Poland for 1000 people? No problem. All the actions are realized on the basis of our own back-end of equipment that steadily expands since 1996. Porcelain tableware, tables, chairs, tents and own a huge fleet of trucks and refrigerator vehicles. This means that we will always find the best solution without making compromise! >> resources

6. Commitment, responsibility and professionalism
We know that the greatest value of our company are people. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists constantly developing their skills during training in Poland and abroad. We have created perfect warm job atmosphere, which is naturally felt by our customers. Due to constantly developed knowledge we can ensure uniqueness of our service. We employ people with ethics and qualifications necessary for their tasks and able to adhere to high standards.
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